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    Prime Focus is a global Visual Entertainment Services group. Visual Entertainment Services is a new definition for an industry where technology, visual delivery platforms and content are converging and evolving. Employing over 3,500 professionals worldwide, working in 16 facilities across three continents, we provide creative and technical services to the Film, Broadcast, Advertising and Media industries.

    We offer a genuine end-to-end solution from pre-production to final delivery including visual effects, creative 3D conversion, video and audio post-production, digital content management and distribution, Digital Intermediate, versioning and adaptation, and equipment rental.

    Our pioneering business model - WorldSourcing - enables our talent to share their expertise across projects, locations, disciplines and sectors. It means we can operate in every major market and at every stage of a project’s development. WorldSourcing has no borders, timezones or limits on capacity and is able to adapt to the constantly changing needs and ambitions of content creators worldwide.

    A network that combines global cost advantages, resources and talent pool with strong relationships and a deep understanding of the local markets we operate in. A tailored approach to each project ensures the delivery of a superior level of service aligned with a highly competitive pricing structure.

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